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Gillmor Hall Dedication

Posted by saamjl on April 16, 2005 at 6:45 PM

Excerpts from President Dottavio’s Remarks

VIP Reception


It has been a remarkable week in Seneca County. Lisette and I have lived in many communities, large and small, but we have never seen such a wonderful celebration of life as we witnessed for PM Gillmor this week.


P.M. was loved by so many, that Lisette and I count it all joy that we were brought into his very wide circle of friends so quickly. It was a great honor to have had the chance to be invited to his home when we first arrived in Tiffin, to sit and watch his joy for the birds outside his kitchen window, to be given the opportunity to speak to the Lions Club that he started so many decades ago. to share a perch sandwich with him at Nature Trails golf course (no bread), and to hear of his pride in his son and precocious grandsons. The events of these past few days confirmed what we already have come to know: this is a very special community where humility, kindness, gentleness, good works, and family are celebrated and held in high honor.


The love and affection for P.M. by so many, made it clear to me why Paul Gillmor has so faithfully served the people of this community in the Statehouse and on Capitol Hill for 38 years: P.M.’s values are Paul’s values, with family, community, and service to country ingrained in his body, mind and spirit.


Later today you will see that the Gillmor Science Hall is a magnificent new building. As I reflected on the building itself, I thought it truly is a fitting tribute to its namesake, Paul E. Gillmor.


The inspiring architecture and soaring atrium reflect the vision that Paul has demonstrated as he has addressed some of the most difficult and challenging issues facing our state and the country in his four decades of public service.


The complicated and intricate scientific and mechanical systems in the building are reflective of Paul’s brilliant mind, which is capable of intelligently discussing most any issue of national importance, including telecommunications, banking and financing, and world security. The massive walls of stone both inside and outside Gillmor Hall speak to the strength of character, dependability, and trustworthiness of Congressman Gillmor. And the warm colors and the way in which the building blends with the history of the campus, are consistent with his gentle and kind spirit, compassion for people, and his love of family and friends.


Ladies and gentlemen, as a relatively new member of this community, I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to have a man of such integrity and honor representing us in Washington, D.C. I consider it an even greater honor to be able to call him and his wife, Karen, my friends. Would you all now please join me in warmly welcoming our congressman, the Honorable Paul E. Gillmor


Talking points for Dedication Luncheon

* Great day in the life of Heidelberg College made possible by commitment and hard work of trustees.

* It’s not often a new building comes on line, especially one of the complexity and beauty of Gillmor Science Hall.

* There are a series of events occurring today:


• Faculty Symposium with Dr. Ballard

• Reception for Donors

• Luncheon

• Dedication

• Student’s Meet with Dr. Ballard

• Science Reunion

* We have high hopes for the future of the sciences at Heidelberg as represented by Gillmor Hall.

* It is a signature building for the new century that reaffirms our commitment to the sciences and our hope for the future.

* It is a symbol of our rising aspirations made possible by a dedicated and committed Board of Trustees.


Introduction of Gary Bryenton, ’61, chairman of the Board of Trustees


In my short time at Heidelberg, it has been my great pleasure to get to know, personally and professionally, some of the many people who have guided the college throughout the last decades. Among them is a man whose dedication to this school, to its programs, its people and its mission is exemplary. Mr. Gary Bryenton has capably served as the Chair of Board for the past ten years. (through three presidents and two interims).


Please join me in warmly welcoming, my good friend and boss, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Heidelberg College, from the Class of 1961, Mr. Gary Bryenton.


Honorary Degree Presentations

An honorary degree is seen as a mark of distinction and is given in recognition of outstanding accomplishment.

Honorary degrees have bee awarded by American colleges and universities since early colonial times.

In 1692, Harvard University awarded the first such degree and thus began what has become a recognized tradition of degree-granting institutions of higher learning.


Historically, Heidelberg College has given honorary degrees at commencement exercises. However, because of the importance of this day to Heidelberg College and because of the extraordinary contributions three gentlemen have made to society, we are going to take an important part of the commencement tradition and make it part of this special event. Today we have the privilege of recognizing two members of the United States Congress who have distinguished themselves as dedicated and effective public servants known for their support of and interest in education, science and the environment.

We also have the opportunity to recognize a scientist renown for his pioneering work in underwater exploration and discovery and his commitment to science education.


Will the honorary degree recipients please rise. Dr. Ballard, Congressman Regula, and Congressman Gillmor, with the presentation of these hoods and these diplomas, I now hereby declare that as an honorary degree recipient of Heidelberg College you are now entitled to all rights and privileges thereto appertaining, both here and elsewhere.


Dedication Ceremony


It is always a great pleasure for me to hear the excitement and enthusiasm of our students as they reflect on the education they have received at Heidelberg College. Lindsey is clearly been one of our best and brightest students.


And while I look forward to handing you your diploma on May 15th, your energy, enthusiasm and passion for learning will certainly be missed by all of us here at Heidelberg.


While Lindsey and the other seniors are bemoaning the fact that they have not had the chance to benefit from this beautiful new facility, there will be many others who will. Beyond the tremendous research and teaching opportunities that Gillmor Hall presents for our existing disciplines, there is also great promise for the development of new undergraduate and graduate programs in the years ahead.


Dr. de Abruna is looking at possibilities for Master’s level science programs being offered at Heidelberg and we are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Tiffin University to offer a forensic science program between the two institutions.


Lisette and I are grateful that Paul and Susan Marion are here today and want to thank them for their friendship and their efforts to make Seneca County a better place to live. Heidelberg College is richly blessed by a distinguished, talented, and dedicated Board of Trustees. I would like to ask all of the board members to please stand and let us thank you for the financial and moral support you provided to make the dream of Gillmor Hall a reality.


There is one trustee, who happens to have a pretty special connection to our guest of honor and who deserves a very special thank you for all she has done to bring us to this day. Dr. Karen Gillmor has been absolutely instrumental in moving this project forward. When some thought something this grand and beautiful would not be possible, her drive and determination assured us that a great new science complex was indeed possible at Heidelberg College. I know I speak on behalf of the board, the faculty and the staff when I say we are immensely grateful to you for your drive in leading the efforts to secure major gifts and grants for the building.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is a glorious day in the life of Heidelberg College! And today we dedicate a magnificent new building that signals the beginning of a new era in science education and research at the college.


Yesterday I received a recently published book from a former Heidelberg faculty member, George Barlow, and Heidelberg alum, Ron Stuckey, that tells the story of the first 150 years of science at Heidelberg College.


Today a new chapter in that storied history begins! Just as we are witnessing a new era in science education at Heidelberg because of the opening of Gillmor Hall, so too has our community witnessed the passing of an era with the recent loss of P.M. Gillmor, a former trustee and trustee emeritus of Heidelberg College.


George Bernard Shaw once voiced what P.M. lived: “Life is no brief candle to me. Rather life is a sort of splendid torch which I have hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.”


P.M. did indeed make his torch burn as brightly as possible before passing it on to future generations. In honor of his remarkable life, I have been asked by Gary Bryenton, Chairman of the Board, to announce that the gardens and grounds which border Gillmor Hall to the west will be fully landscaped and named in honor of P.M. Gillmor. Fortunately for us, P.M. had a person to whom he could pass the splendid torch who shares the same passion for family and community as he did.


Congressman Paul E. Gillmor has faithfully served the citizens of Ohio for 38 years, beginning his career in public service at age 27 when he was elected to the Ohio Senate. He served as a state senator for 22 years, 10 of which were as the Republican leader and three as Senate President of the General Assembly. As most of you know, Congressman Gillmor went on to serve with distinction in the U.S. House of Representatives and is currently effectively and capably representing us in Washington in his 8th term as the Representative from the 5th Congressional District.


Without Congressman Gillmor’s vision, leadership and hard work this wonderful new facility would not have been possible. Early in his career, Paul understood the importance of a fledgling water monitoring program holed up in the basement of Bareis Hall and he worked to provide critically needed funding for what became known as the Water Quality Lab.


In 2002, this once small program had grown in reputation to the point that it received recognition by the United States Congress, again because of the hard work of Congressman Gillmor, as The National Center for Water Quality Research. Today the Water Quality Lab and The National Center for Water Quality Research occupy the entire top floor of this magnificent building.


We are honored that Congressman Gillmor is a former trustee of Heidelberg College. Between his father, his wife and himself, they provide a rich and enduring legacy of service to the college.


Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a warm and enthusiastic welcome for Congressman Paul E. Gillmor.


Paul, it goes without saying that we at Heidelberg College, can never thank you enough for what you and your family have done. Please know that you are always welcome here and you will always have Heidelberg friends.


I would like to now present you with two small tokens of our appreciation. The first is for both you and Karen.


It is an original line drawing of the Paul E. Gillmor Science Hall signed and dated by the artist, Lewis Hubbard, Heidelberg graduate, class of 1977. The second is a

Heidelberg chair which we hope will sit proudly beneath your new diploma in your Washington office for many more years to come.


Donor Recognition Ceremony

And now we would like to recognize those donors who have joined with Congressman Gillmor and his family to make this building a reality.


Behind this curtain are the names of those people who have been identified as legacy families because they have made contributions of at least $25,000 to the construction of Gillmor Hall.


I would like to now read aloud the names of donors who have purchased naming opportunities in the Science Complex, which includes Gillmor, Laird and Bareis Halls. In other words, these donors have made an investment of at least $10,000 to Heidelberg College for this project.


As I read your name, please stand and be recognized. … With each name I read goes the grateful thank of a humble college for the sacrifice and support each donor has made to Heidelberg College.


We are going to conclude the dedication program with a musical benediction by senior music education major - voice, Ryann Angelotti and junior Seth Carey who is majoring in CTA – Theatre Track and Music Performance - Voice. They will be accompanied by Dr. Jeff Marlatt, Assistant Professor of Vocal and Choral Music Education. Ryann and Seth will sing a benediction entitled “Prayer.”


Once again, thank you to Paul and Karen Gillmor, Dr. Robert Ballard, donors, trustees, and friend for making this day a very special one in the life of Heidelberg College.

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