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Gillmor Charitable Rummage Sale 2013

Posted by saamjl on July 23, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Dee A. Blackburn, Vice President of Administration, is pleased to announce the results of Old Fort Bank's second annual fund raising effort. A rummage sale was held June 14–15, 2013, at Old Fort High School with $3,000 being raised for the benefit of the Paul M. and Lucy J. Gillmor Charitable Foundation.

Throughout their lifetime, P.M. and Lucy Gillmor led and inspired the local communities with their philanthropy. Today, their legacy continues through the efforts of the Foundation. The Gillmor Charitable Foundation works in partnership with local non-profit organizations, funding agencies, businesses, volunteers, and donors to invest in creative solutions that make a meaningful impact on people's lives.

Dianne Gillmor-Krumsee, daughter of PM and Lucy Gillmor, carries on the Gillmor family values and leadership as she serves as the Chairman of the Board of The Old Fort Banking Company, as well as serving as a trustee of the Foundation. "I truly appreciate the efforts of everyone who played a role in helping to expand the ability of the Gillmor Foundation to meet the needs of people in our local communities," stated Krumsee. Items for the sale were donated by directors and associates of The Old Fort Banking Company. Bank associates also volunteered to assist with this fund raising effort. Those volunteers include: Dee Blackburn, Kristy Vaughn, Kathy Huffmon, Lorrie Williams, Denise Martin, Lois Rex, Joe Berger, Ashley Owens, Kendra Marks, Katelyn Clapp, Sheri Lehner, Nicole Sweet, Betsy Hackworth and Nate Hackworth.

Michael C. Spragg, President and CEO of The Old Fort Banking Company and Chairman of the Paul M. and Lucy J. Gillmor Charitable Foundation added, "The Gillmor Charitable Foundation would like to express their gratitude for all who supported the sale and to the Old Fort High School for their generosity. Proceeds from the sale will be used to further assist those in the local area."

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